At Imperials we take pride in stocking the best quality cars with the highest specifications and always look for our cars to have that something special about them, and due to the nature of the cars we sell there is a huge demand for them not just in the UK but across the globe and have been successfully exporting cars to many new and regular customers worldwide for many years.

We normally have a fair amount of Vat Qualifying cars in stock so for permanently exported cars there is a 20% saving to be had (this can also apply to Vat Registered Individuals or Businesses within the EU), But with the current value of the £GBP we are finding that even our non-vat qualifying cars are proving very popular with our customers overseas as they currently represent great value and big savings can be.

Not only do we look to stock cars with the best specifications it is also of upmost importance to us that our cars are in the very best condition possible so all vehicles go through thorough checks with both in-house and external technicians to check all aspects of the car both mechanically and cosmetically and only the very best actually make it into our stock, we value repeat business so its important that when our customers receive their vehicles they are of the highest possible standard and are 100% happy with the vehicle and this gives them the confidence to come back to us and buy from us again and again and also recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues!

We take care of all aspects of exporting the car to the port of your choice, we have built up great relationships over the years with several shipping companies to obtain preferential rates to help keep the costs low for our customers and we make the process nice, easy and stress free for our customers.

Frequently asked questions (faqs)

Here at Imperials, we understand how daunting this whole procedure can be, and we are here as professionals to make the whole transaction seamless for both parties. We have therefore created this page to help with the process.

How do I buy a car that Imperials has advertised?
Firstly, give us a call or send an e-mail. We will run you through our terms of business and the range of payment options available.

What checks are carried out prior to sale?
Imperials conduct a 111 point Pre Delivery Inspection conducted by a third party RAC Approved Garage to make sure every example that leaves our showroom, reaches our brands requirements. Imperials can service your vehicle to manufacturer specification if required. All of our stock comes with a HPI investigation, which includes finance checks, police interest/write off & V5 checks. Full Valet.

Do we sell NEW cars?
We are able to provide discounted rates upon selected RHD and LHD units. Please enquire with your requirements and we will do our best to assist.

To which countries do you export your vehicles?
We can export to any country where there is a legal law to import vehicle from UK. If you are not sure, please contact us for more info.

Can Imperials arrange for the transport and shipping?
Yes - part of the service that we offer is inland transport and shipping to your port of choice anywhere in the world - the cost will vary, so for more details please contact us.

Which shipping lines does Imperials use?
We have relationships with all of the major shipping lines giving us access to the best rates and services. References available on request.

How is shipment arranged?
Upon receipt of your payment, we will arrange booking of your vehicle for shipping on the next available vessel. All shipping documents will be first sent by email and then sent by courier to you after the vessel sails. This is to ensure your documents will arrive before the ship arrives at your selected port.

What are FOB & CIF prices?
CIF stands for (Cost+Insurance+Freight) it covers freight, port to port insurance and other costs of freight. FOB price stands for (Free on board price); it means that the price does not include insurance, Freight and Inspection charges.

What documentation or information do I require from my side after I have confirmed a purchase?
You are required to provide us with the following info/docs:

      a. Consignee Name
      b. Consignee Address
      c. Full contact information such as Contact No., Email Address etc...
      d. If the consignee and the purchaser are different than please let us know.

Please provide us with the above information in order to make sure that all the shipping documentation is correctly prepared before the shipment.

How will I come to know the shipment date of my vehicle?
When your vehicle has been booked for shipment, our sales team will make you aware of the departure date as well as the estimated arrival date.

How would my car be delivered to port?
We use a reputable logistics company to deliver our cars to port safely.

Useful government sites for exporting cars to other countries

Checkout these useful sites which can assist with VAT & custom related vehicle laws applicable to each country:

Country Website
New Zealand 
South Africa 

estimated shipment prices

Below are prices for RORO (Roll On and Roll Off) and containers, so exporting cars to different countries will allow both these options but sometimes only one option will apply, so remember that if you are unclear with any aspects of exporting your vehicle, please contact us we are happy to assist.

RORO (Roll on Roll off)

Prices from Saloon Car 4x4
Botswana POA POA
Caribbean £930.00 £1,190.00
Channel Islands POA POA
Jersey POA POA
Guernsey POA POA
Ghana £900.00 £1,150.00
Ireland POA POA
Kenya, Mombasa £900.00 £1,000.00
Mauritius £1,550.00 £1,550.00
Mozambique, Maputo £900.00 £1,250.00
Namiba, Walvis Bay £900.00 £1,050.00
South Africa, Durban £900.00 £1,150.00
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam £900.00 £1,150.00
Uganda £900.00 £1,000.00
Zambia £900.00 £1,050.00
Zimbabwe £900.00 £1,150.00
Country Containers from
Australia £1,000.00
Belguim POA
Channel Islands POA
China £1,000.00
Cyprus/Limassol £1,100.00
Germany POA
Hong Kong £900.00
India £1,100.00
Indonesia £1,000.00
Ireland POA
Libya £1,250.00
Malaysia, port Kelang £1,000.00
Malta £1,200.00
Mauritius £2,100.00
Morocco £1,200.00
New Zealand POA
Pakistan £1,000.00
Seychelles £1,200.00
Singapore £850.00
Sri Lanka £1,200.00
Switzerland POA
Thailand £900.00
Trinidad and Tobago £1,200.00
Turkey RORO £850.00
Please contact us for a quote for your chosen vehicle 

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