The Lambretta Pato Scooter

The Lambretta Pato 125N pays its respects to classic Italian design, with sleek chrome trims and black paneling housing a solid and reliable 4-stroke engine. Front and rear disc brakes are fitted as standard, and there is plenty of luggage space provided under the seat or in the optional rear luggage box.

Average fuel consumption rate of 100 miles to just over a gallon of unleaded, the Lambretta Pato offers a lightweight and economic option to classic scooter enthusiasts everywhere. 


50cc, 125cc and 151cc in Black, Silver, Grey, White and Blue



Technical Specifications for 50cc models:-

Model: LambrettaPato 50

Availability: New & Unregistered

Category: Scooter

Type: Single-cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled

Top speed: 85.0 km/h (52.8 mph)


Price: £1295



Technical Specifications for 125cc/151cc models

Models: LambrettaPato 125 / 151

Availabilty: New Unregistered

Category: Scooter

TypeSingle-cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled

Top Speed: 85 km/h (52.8 mph) for 125cc/87 km/h (54 mph) for 151cc


Price: £1295


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