At Imperials we take pride in stocking the best quality cars with the highest specifications and always look for our cars to have that something special about them, and due to the nature of the cars we sell there is a huge demand for them not just in the UK but across the globe and have been successfully exporting cars to many new and regular customers worldwide for many years.

We normally have a fair amount of Vat Qualifying cars in stock so for permanently exported cars there is a 20% saving to be had (this can also apply to Vat Registered Individuals or Businesses within the EU), But with the current value of the £GBP we are finding that even our non-vat qualifying cars are proving very popular with our customers overseas as they currently represent great value and big savings can be.

Not only do we look to stock cars with the best specifications it is also of upmost importance to us that our cars are in the very best condition possible so all vehicles go through thorough checks with both in-house and external technicians to check all aspects of the car both mechanically and cosmetically and only the very best actually make it into our stock, we value repeat business so its important that when our customers receive their vehicles they are of the highest possible standard and are 100% happy with the vehicle and this gives them the confidence to come back to us and buy from us again and again and also recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues!

We take care of all aspects of exporting the car to the port of your choice, we have built up great relationships over the years with several shipping companies to obtain preferential rates to help keep the costs low for our customers and we make the process nice, easy and stress free for our customers.

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